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Hi, this is Avital Horef, Adv.

I understand that divorce is a complicated process, and right now, I am here for you, with a lot of experience, professionalism and lots of empathy.

Problems in the family?
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Avital Horef is a certified attorney specializing in family law.

As part of our specialization, the office provides overall solution to all issues of personal status, including divorce agreements, financial agreements, representation in court and the Rabbinical courts in divorce claims and distribution of property, child support and visitation rights.

In addition, and as part of handling the personal status issues, the office deals, among other things, in providing solutions to women in distress, including the issuing of protective orders and orders for prevention of threatening harassment against violent men, adoption of children in Israel and abroad, and domestic disputes.

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Do grandparents have a legal right to keep contact with their grandchildren?

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Adv. Avital Horef and Adv. Sassy Gez – distribution of property in divorce

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